Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love Halloween! Although it's rare when I dress up, but this year is different... now that Anika is with us, the spirit of Halloween and Christmas came back! Pedro (hubby) installed Christmas lights already; we live in Utah, so it's smart to install them before it gets too cold and snowy :)

Last week we bought a spider web for our front porch... decor can't be complete without it! And we also got 3 pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, papa pumpkin, mama pumpkin, and baby pumpkin. I didn't carved them (no time with baby and work) but they look really cute outside the door. We had an awesome time at the pumpkin patch (fist time we do this) we took lots of pictures, it's pretty neat to see all those pumpkins on the ground, for some reason it made me really excited.

And finally last night on a trip to Lowes we found orange bulbs! Pedro wanted some since he put the Christmas lights 2 weeks ago, but they were too price online, so didn't get them for him. At Lowes they were super cheap, like $0.25 each. So we got 20 to do just the front of our house, we did orange bulbs every other 2.

I'll post some pictures later tonight of our house and costumes :)

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