Friday, October 28, 2011


Today a year ago I lost one of the loves of my life, my dad. I have never felt a pain like that before; I was 3 months pregnant and I just thought the sky was falling over my head. I didn't get to say goodbye... and I can't get over that. He got sick Wednesday night while I was in school, and the next day he was gone.

I love my dad with all my heart, he taught me to read, to ride my bike, to think first before open my mouth, and to always listen. He took care of me all the time; while mom was working he was the one cooking, cleaning, taking us to the doctor when sick, dentist appointments, and helping with homework. He was the perfect father and friend, always listening, and saying just the right thing. He was so excited about me being pregnant that he called almost every day to ask for the baby... I miss him so much; my heart will never be complete without him.

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pliska said...

Te amo mi vida! Te mando un gran abrazo!