Friday, April 13, 2012

Professional Work: Furniture Design

I have designed several furniture pieces for hotels that have been produced; the majority are simple but functional. When you are designing furniture you have to keep in mind human dimensions, there are several dimensions/clearances that you must know/apply so the piece is actually comfortable and usable. 

From my experience I can say it is a hard thing to do, lots of responsibilities, especially when you are producing hundreds. Sometimes there are mistakes, and the manufacturer will always produce exactly what you have approved (a line drawing,) so you (the designer) are responsible for checking everything and making sure it is correct before submitting any drawing into production. There are times you realized you have made a mistake when is already in production and you can't make any corrections, oh yes... it is painful.

Here are a few of many line drawings that came into reality, I removed several information for copy right reasons, enjoy!

For Hampton Inn 45th, UT:
Community Table at Lobby (among other pieces)

Community Table before shipping to Hotel

For Holiday Inn Express Ogden, UT:

Side Table at Lobby (among others)

For Home2 Suites West Valley City, UT:
Dining Table at Oasis (among others)
I had to add a stretcher for security when it was already in production (manufacturer's advise)
Side Table at Oasis (among others)

For Red Lion Spokane, WA:

Front Desk Design Idea
Front Desk Line Drawing. Contractor to make adjustments as needed

Sectional Sofa at Fireplace (Drawing Idea)
Sectional Sofa Line Drawing

Shaped Ottoman at Lobby (Drawing Idea)
Shaped Ottoman Line Drawing

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