Saturday, May 26, 2012

Visit to Utah Conservation Garden Park

Hello everyone! I have some pictures of my visit to the Utah Conservation Garden Park, they are not the best because I forgot my camera (good one Carol!) so I had to use my husband's phone camera.

The good news are that the park rocks! I loved it, it is pretty informative and makes you realize that there are tons of plants that can save water and look beautiful at the same time. I think this is a great weekend activity/trip to add to your list if you live in the Salt Lake City area, and if you don't, you can always check their website at and look for plants in their database. They have pictures of each plant in the park per season, this way you know how it looks in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Here are some of my favorite:

Autumn Joy Sedum
Doctor Alexander Fleming Peony
Dragon's Blood Stonecrop
Gertrude Jekyll Dwarf Periwinkle
Globe Peashrub
Golden Currant
Golden Ring Japanese Barberry     
Hens 'n' Chicks
Missouri Iris
Neon Stonecrop
Ornamental Onion
Royal Purple Smoke Tree
Ruby Mantle Stonecrop
Tall Switch Grass
Tor Birchleaf Spirea
Not all of the above save a lot of water, the majority do. The park's principle is to "plant in a smart way," they want to teach personal responsibility for conserving water, and empower people to be waterwise; that means that you would avoid having huge pieces of grass where you waste hundreds of gallons of water, or plant plants that are native to tropical weathers if you live in a desert, and the list goes on... So become smart, get informed, and save water!

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