Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zara Basic Sandals

Ohh Zara, we fell in love 2 weeks ago, and I think I'll love you for the rest of my life. So 2 weeks ago I was reading a post from COTTDS, she uses a lot of black, and I noticed a pair of shoes to die for:

Zara Asymmetric Heels
And of course they were discontinued (this is the story of my life, a bit late Carol.) But I also found this beautiful pair of shoes that I have seen before somewhere, these Zara I Basic Sandals are gorgeous, and they were $49.99 free shipping, and they had my size! I couldn't resist so I got an orange pair.
Zara Basic Sandal All Colors

Zara I Basic Sandal Two Tone
Aren't they gorgeous? Love them!


Nicholle said...

So cute! Those are the color I'd choose too!

Carol Liška said...

Thanks Nicholle! I love them :) although Pedro doesn't like them.

Cassy said...

Wow, die sehen so schick aus :-)