Friday, March 02, 2012

Student Work: Furniture Design

Chair Design
The restriction for this project was the amount of material that could be used, we were allowed to only use 15 sheets of MDF of 49" W x 97" H x 1/4" thick each. The instructor also made this a contest; the best 2 chairs were going to be produced, mine wasn't elected, the people who won deserved it, they were beautiful.

My inspiration was the female body, I believe it is perfect in any aspect and beautiful as well. I started making several hand sketches, and finally found the shape I liked the most. I trace it on CAD and made a 3D model. This chaise lounge chair is made out of 45 serial sections; I called it M as in "Mujer," which means woman in Spanish, and also because of its shape.

I also used this same chair for my modeling class, I redesign the back, made it a bit more curvy. I had to make a paper model to scale, and a magazine advertisement; I think it turned out great! I love the shape, I think it looks very sexy.

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