Friday, March 02, 2012

Student Work: Furniture Design

Ottoman Design
Immediately a jellyfish came into my mind, just because I love the beauty and free form of this creature; it seems like it's floating in space. I wanted it to have a type of water/gel seat that changed colors.

First prototype. This was a disaster; several problems had to be solved. First finding a material that could keep water/gel inside and not explode when you try to sit down. I thought of a beach ball, it is already a waterproof material that can keep water without any leak, so I started filling a beach ball with water... it took hours, and when I finally had half done I realized that water is very heavy, so trying to keep this weight in place was almost impossible. Then I managed to put it on top of the base and took a sit to test it out, yep... it fell to the floor and the water came out! There was water all over the place. 

Second prototype. How to have a seat that feels like water/gel, that is not heavy, and transparent so light can go through. Well I found bubble wrap! It wasn't heavy, it was transparent, it feel kind of mushy, and I was reusing material! I added LED lighting, and it did changed colors like I wanted, it was pretty close to my idea, so I ended up with this:

Remember this is prototype, that means that the actual piece would look much better!

Chair Design
The restrictions for this project was the amount of material that could be used, we were allowed to use only 15 sheets of MDF of 49" W x 97" H x 1/4" thick each. The instructor made this a contest, the best 2 chairs were going to be produced, mine wasn't elected :( but hey, I still had fun and I do love my design.

My inspiration was the female body shape, I believe it is the most perfect shape on this planet (no, I'm not gay... I'm just saying the truth.) I started making several hand sketches, and finally found the shape I liked the most. I trace it on CAD and made a 3D model. This chaise lounge chair is made out of 45 serial sections; I called it M as in "Mujer" = Women in Spanish, and also because of its shape.

I used this same chair for my modeling class, I just redesign the back of it and made it curvy. I had to make a paper model to scale, and a magazine advertisement, I think it turned out great! I love the shape, it looks so sexy :)

And finally by the end of the quarter, we had an exhibition at a gallery with the 2 chairs that won, all our ottomans, and our final presentation boards for both projects per student:

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