Hello, I'm Carol Liška , and I was born in Guatemala. I have been married for 18 years now, and I have 2 beautiful little girls.

I came to this country because of my husband's work. He is a Software Developer. When we arrived I did not speak the language, but soon I figured it out and taught myself  how to speak it, haha! (Still learning though.) 

I love to learn everything about cultures and product making. I'm obsessed with art and textiles, as well a bit of gardening. I have a Software Engineering background, and later I felt in love with architecture and interiors, so I got a BA in Interior Design from The Art Institute of SLC a while back. I have worked mostly in Hospitality Design, but I also love Residential.

My favorite things: my husband, my daughters, art, textiles, paper, English roses, and shoes.
My favorite hobbies: card making and gardening. 
My goal: to travel as much as possible.