This blog is a collage of things that inspire me, and somehow make me who I am. It has a little bit of interior design, fashion, paper-crafting, product reviews, and everyday life.

Hello, I'm Carol Liška , and I was born in Guatemala. I have been married for 13 years now, and I have 2 little girls and a beautiful black Labrador named Rey.

I came to this country because of my husband's work. When I arrived I did not speak the language, just a few words like yes, bathroom, table, help, don't speak English, the numbers, and how much is this/that..? (of course, this last one is an important one if you are a girl and like to shop.) I taught myself English (and still learning,) and after I started having dreams in English I knew I was ready for school, so I signed up for the Interior Design program. I wanted to sign up for Architecture, but it was really expensive for me due my residency status, so Interior Design was my second option, and I loved it. I work as a Commercial Interior Designer here in Salt Lake City, UT.

A few of my  favorite things: my husband, my daughters, shoes, paper, fabrics, the colors black, grey and white. I also collect Buddha statues, so you'll see a lot of them around my house.
My favorite hobby: card making; I haven't made cards in a while, and I miss it so much! 
My goal: to travel as much as possible. 

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